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Memories of the 50th Class Reunion
If you a memory of the 50th Reunion you would like to share, please let other alumni know. New friends, old friends, the activities, programs, or anything you want.
Last Post: Dec 17th 2013
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Memories of High School
Do you have a favorite memory of your high school years, a favorite teacher, or an amusing story about your fellow students? Well, this is the place to post your memories.
Last Post: May 24th 2009
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What would you like to see on this website?
We would like you to stop back to this site on a regular basis. What will it take to keep you coming back? Let us know what you would like to see on this site.
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Memories and Eulogies
Write your memories or compose a eulogy about any of the Class of '63 or family members we have lost since graduation.
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