In our senior year, a TV show host said the counting ditty below.  He repeated it one additional time in a later show.  I know of two other ’63 alumni who committed this to memory.  If anyone knows the TV show host or if also remember this, let me know.  Rick Ender

1 Hen

2 Ducks

3 Squawking Geese

4 Limerick Oysters

5 Corpulent Porpoises

6 Pairs of Don Alverzo’s Tweezers

7,000 Macedonians in Full Battle Array

8 Brass Monkeys from the Ancient Sacred Crypts of Egypt

9 Apathetic Sympathetic Diabetic Old Men on Roller Skates with a marked propensity toward procrastination and sloth

10 Lyrical Spherical Diabolical Denizens of the Deep who Haul Stall around the Quo, the Quay, the Quivey, all at the same time