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Patrick "Pat" McCormick
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David McDowell
Ravenna NE US 68869
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Linda Jensen (McFarland)
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August 20, 1945 Englewood Colorado U.S.A. 80113 Retired United Flight Attendant Married
Hi everyone. What a wonderful job Richard has done with this website!

After spending three years at the U. of N. in Lincoln I became a flight attendant for United
Airlines, the last ten years doing international flights. Needless to say I love to travel. I lived In Los Angeles the first three years and then moved to Denver where I still live. I retired from flying in 2003, but still enjoy the pass benifits for me and my husband John.  
We were married in 1983 and have no children. We do however, have a niece and nephew that we spend a lot of time with. Since retirement I have taken up Painting, oils and water color, not houses! I also still play a lot of golf.
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Beverly G. Merrick
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November 20, 1944 Miller Nebraska United States of America 68858 Professor Single Again 3

Back from the Abu Dhabi Emirate, . . . wondering what to do with myself, in that I am such a writer-oriented person. I am still working on the downtown of the village of Miller, Nebraska, dialoguing with contractors to save the brick buildings to honor our ancestors and to help our younger generations respect their ancestors' accomplishments: to lose a village is to lose a community.

To transform the famous phrase about our elders being the best of generations, let me say that as sons and daughters of the pioneers, we carry the genes of creativity and adventure: we are strong.

By the way, one of my good neighbors calls me a zebra in a one-horse town. I am still working on being horse-broken. That is, 'house'-broken. I am learning how to order siding and lumber and funny-looking giant machines. Pretty proud of myself, for all my naivite. They used to say you could not learn anything past age 40. Well, most of adult life has been 40-plus. You too? Ha!

I also recently purchased the first home of the mayor of Lexington, the Franken House, on 13th Street. I plan to make the first floor into a museum with antiques and travelogues, the second floor a place to live, and the third floor a creative studio for art, poetry and writing biographies. My loves!

I am unable, it seems, at this juncture in my life, to find someone to share the same loves, or at least, who could bear me having these loves. Alas . . . .

My daughter Pamela, who lives in Ohio and who married a wonderfully creative man who builds churches, wondered why I would want to get a house that has stairs 'considering I am getting older.'

Well, I have not given up the ghost quite yet!

As for the village in Miller, I plan to make an artist colony out of it. . . . Time will tell if I am able to survive 'old age' to do so.

'Life is goot!' says the Yeller Kid of Pulitzer's New York World, the greatest paper ever.

* * * * * * * * * 

Gosh! Reading this thing I posted several months ago, I realize that I am the consummate nerd. I guess there is no cure for it. Am I the first great grandmother?

Reading Berta's bio and those of my classmates is certainly lovely. Thank you, Richard.

Life is a great adventure! I was a professor and past chair of the Mass Communication Department at the United Arab Emirates University. I keep active as the former head of the Magazine Division of the Association of Journalism and Mass Communication.  I edited the international newsletter for the division. And, I went to Barcelona, Spain, one summer on July 4 to present a paper there, compliments of the United Arab Emirates University; regretfully, missing the annual parade at Sumner, Nebraska. And, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting Cairo. The camel ride at The Sphinx was pretty bumpy because the beast kneels to allow you to disembark! The handler talked me into paying too much for that.

I write biographies of women journalists, especially those who worked in New York City during the decades ranging from the 1890s to the 1950s. My research on women in media management has been republished in academic journals three times, having received first place in the United States from the National Association for Women’s Deans, Advisers and Counselors, and being juried by the Urban Institute.  This research was presented in a residency at Oxford University in 2004.

Academic life has been good to me. I am a fellow of the American Press Institute Alliance for Academic Excellence through the American Association of Newspaper Editors and a Freedom Forum Ethics Fellow through the Gannett Foundation. I served as a senior Fulbright Specialist in the Republic of Georgia, having been named a distinguished professor of journalism by the faculty of Grigol Robakidze University, Tiblisi. 

I became a journalist to fund my true avocation, poetry. I have published poetry books about the mountain and plains, being called "The Country Porch Poet" by Nightshade Press. My poetry books on Nebraska are "Navigating the Platte," "Closing the Gate," "Zephyr Ear," "The Worm in the Eye," "Liver of the White Buffalo" and "I Am A Great-Grandchild of Grand Island." 

Because of my love for Nebraska, I served on Sabbatical from New Mexico State University in the early 2000s as the editor of the Custer County Chief. 

I served as adviser to "The Antelope" at UNK, and my students won numerous awards, including being named first, third and fourth in reporting in the Nebraska Press Association College Contest in 2007. The best present was filling the post that Mrs. Mac, the KHS journalism teacher, once filled at UNK.

I was pleased to write 17 short biographies for a centennial celebration for Creighton University.

I won five scholarships in high school, but was not supported by family in this. I was a girl, and that explained it all for my family. Instead, I married and moved to Ohio, where we lived 18 years before moving to New Mexico, where I still have a home.

However, I am restoring the downtown buildings of Miller, Nebraska, population 156 when I am overseas. And, I am now single again. Fortunately, someone from White Sands Missile Testing Center is leasing my house and paying my mortgage in New Mexico.

After my youngest child was in school, I earned a double BA from Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia, in English and journalism, being the first woman to be named "Outstanding Graduate in the News Editorial Sequence." I then earned a master's in journalism there.

Finding I was not paid was well as the male hired at the same time for a Kentucky newspaper, I went back to school. At Ohio University, I earned a Ph.D. in mass communication, literary historical emphasis, as well as a second master's in poetry and a women's studies certificate.

Once, I was named a homemaker of the year by an Ohio governor, winning the grand prize in sewing and being the director of an environmental project that changed watershed law with a U.S. Supreme Court decision on eminent domain. Three hundred sportsmen in southern Ohio named me "SportsMAN of the Year for  work on that project as a grassroots organizer. LOL.

I also was named a "Woman of the Year in New Mexico" in 2001, being honored by two governors and the legislature there for teaching and public service. During this time, I was a national committee woman for Business and Professional Women/USA, being the media support person for the Washington consortium of the Albuquerque convention of BPW/USA. 

I have published widely, having written the main online biography of Rosa Luxemburg, and research biographies on Ishbel Ross of the New York Herald Tribune (dissertation); Jane Grant, cofounder of The New Yorker; Mary Margaret McBride, America's first radio talkshow host; Caroline Iverson Ackerman, a '99er' and the first woman to fly in a small plane over Alaska (becoming the Life Magazine aviation editor throughout the 1940s); Ruth Gruber, the Jewish journalist on Haganah 247, who inspired the movie The Exodus, which I saw at age 16 at the World Theatre; and other women writers and thinkers.

While teaching at New Mexico State University, I was fortunate to organize the campus visits for Ted Turner, then media mogul at CNN, and Sam Donaldson, the White House reporter under six presidential administrations. 

My prediction at Kearney was class artist, having won 23 art awards at Kearney High School, and I now do art for the love of it. 

I have a daughter and a son, five grandchildren and twin great-grandsons in Albuquerque, and a daughter and grand-daughter living in Chillicothe, Ohio. Children: Pamela Christine (named after Pam Cushing) is an attorney; Jessica Faye helps those in need in Social Services; and John Kevin does something  that I cannot figure out -- in computers.

In my current position, 
I have taken thousands of photos of Oman, the Emirates, Greece and China. I was in the community chorus at Al Ain and continued my interests in the performing arts. My favorite role was "Abby," one of the murderous sisters in the stage comedy "Arsonic and Old Lace." This May, I played "Mrs. Sorken" and the female role in "The Univeral Language."

I am somewhat of a collector of true crime paperbacks. I once served on the same convention panel as the judge who sentenced O.J. Simpson to community service in 1988.

Yes, life is a great adventure!

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Alice Howell (Miller)
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Colorado Spings CO US 80915
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Kathy Vosburgh (Miller)
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Minden NE US 68959 Book Consultant, Morris Press Cookbooks, Kearney, NE Widowed 4

Current as of 8/19/13


This is only the second class reunion I have attended due to my disappointment with the 10th.  It was junior high all over again minus “Slam Books”.  I am attending our 50th because this will probably be our last opportunity to touch base with people we may have gone all through school with and yet have never seen since.  Maybe the importance of reunion has impressed me more since the death of my husband, Ted, in 2010.  We were just 4 years short of our 50th wedding anniversary.


My children, of course, are grown.  I also have 4 grandchildren; the eldest just turned 16, and the youngest 4.  They are scattered all over the nation, from Texas to Arizona and even Washington D.C.


Journalism has always been my love since I was a lowly ad-selling sophomore.  I have mostly worked in that field along with teaching English, drama, class plays, yearbook and student newspaper.  Talk about chasing your tail, and with 4 small children added to the mix.  I worked in television Creative Services and was a Continuity Director in radio.  I have since worked primarily in commercial print media, the pace of which suits my more relaxed lifestyle.

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Kathren Mitchell
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Diane Schmidt (Moffett)
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Kearney NE US 68845-7611
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Tim Moffett
Alliance NE US 69301
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Karen Cover (Murrish)
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October 31, 1944 Kearney NE U.S.A. 68847 Widowed 3
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