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Karen Ritcher (Clark)
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Kearney NE US 68845-2339
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Mary Jo Jamrog (Coffey)
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March 25, 1945 Raleigh NC US 27617 Retired Teacher Married 2
After two years of college in Kearney, I got the traveling bug and spent most of the summer in Europe touring 10 countries.  A few months later, I became a Continental Airlines Hostess and continued traveling until I was married about a year later.
Neither my husband nor I had finished our degrees before marriage.  So, after   putting my husband through his two degrees and having two children, it was my turn to finish college and eventually get a Masters.  I have taught junior high, senior high, college, and vocational students.
Our daughter, Michelle, and her husband, Tom, live in East Wenatchee, WA and have two children.  Peyton (18) and Carter (11).  Our son, Mark, and his wife, Jenny, are the parents of our second grandson, Quinn, who is 5.  The live in Raleigh about 15 minutes from us.  Although I retired early to be able to see our first grandchildren as often as I could, it was never enough.  This time around, however, we can see Quinn whenever we need to get our grandparent fix.  We enjoy having the entire family together whenever possible--unfortunately, that is not often enough.
My husband, John, retired several years ago. He was an Executive Vice President in the Chairman's Office of State Farm Insurance in Bloomington, Illinois.  I paved the way by retiring first when our first grandchild, Peyton, was born. I needed to take on the role of Nanny Mary.   Peyton has always set a good example: A+ student, acting, singing, horseback riding, spelling contests, softball, etc. Her brother, Carter, age 11, is sometimes frustrated because his big sister never gets into trouble. He is, however, also very involved in school activities.  He and John keep current on pro football.  I am a big fan and have my favorites, but Carter has far surpassed me and does quite well in his predictions.  Quinn is hands on and very good at cooking and baking.  He is now learning, with Dad's guidance, woodworking skills.
I am sure all of us have the most perfect and talented grandkids.
Most of our married life was spent and I spent in Illinois, Minnesota, and Florida.  In June of 2008, we were really tired of the heat, humidity, and hurricanes in Florida, so we moved to Raleigh, NC one month after our grandson, Quinn, was born. John and I both love it here even more than we thought we would.
I like to golf (sometimes), decorate, travel, read, garden, and organize, but mostly I like to be with my family. As far as health is concerned, we deal with problems as they arise. We have wonderful doctors and specialists in Raleigh, but would prefer to keep our visits at a minimum--not always possible.
A little fact about me most of you don't know is I am very competitive.  I also love going to Vegas or stopping at Casinos during driving trips.  So far, the Casinos are winning--don't they always.
The 50th reunion is in a few days, and we are anxious to reconnect with classmate and spouses or significant others.  So many of you have put in so much time and love in making this a memorable occasion.  THANK YOU!
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Custis Cole
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Fort Collins CO US 80521

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Vianne J. Fredrick (Colgan)
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Grand Island NE US 68803
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Sharon K. Nielson (Cooper)
Kearney NE US 68847-3938

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Ernie Cosby
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Ernie Crosby
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C. James "Jim" Daily
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Kearney NE US 68847
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Judy Stock (Delka)
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Lewiston ID US 83501-9623 Retired from banking Married 2
Warm greetings to my KHS friends and classmates:
After graduating from high school, I attended Kearney State College for one year.  I was also a member of the college swim team.  A December, 1963 engagement to my junior high school sweetheart, Gary Delka, brought a change in my career focus.
I began working full time at Kearney First National Bank.  Gary was employed at the Pioneer motel and was attending Kearney State College.  We were married on June 7, 1964 at the old Kearney United Methodist Church.
Following his graduation in 1967, we moved to Ogallala, NE.  Gary was hired to teach high school English and direct the school's theatre productions.  I joined the banking staff of Ogallala First National Bank.  Our first child, Jon Erik, was born during our stay in Ogallala.
In 1973, Gary received an opportunity to teach high school English at a large suburban school district in Colorado and serve as the technical director for theatre presentations.  We sold our home, loaded up a rented U-Haul truck and the Delka family moved to Littleton, CO.  Gary was teaching at Heritage High School and I became a stay-at-home mom.  I also started my own daycare service and enjoyed being a homemaker.
Having received his Master's Degree in English from Kearney State College and completing the required certification and licensing courses in School Administration at the University of Colorado at Boulder, our next move was to Canon City, CO.  We sold our home in Littleton, and in 1977, Gary was hired as the assistant principal in a high school with an enrollment of 1100 students, grades 10-12.  I had the good fortune to secure a position on the staff of Fremont National Bank.  Our second child, Kristin Ann, was born during our time at Canon City.
With four years of high school administrative experience behind him, Gary knew he wanted to go on to complete a Doctor's Degree in Educational Administration and one day serve in an administrative capacity at a district level.  So, once again, we rented a U-Haul truck, sold our home in Canon City, loaded Jon and Kristin into our car and moved into student housing on the university campus at Boulder, CO.  I applied for and was hired to work at World Savings and Loan Bank at Boulder.  Lynn Shook was the branch manager, but little did I realize at the time that some of my best banking and financial experiences were yet to come due to the leadership of this dynamic woman.
Gary received his Doctor's Degree in Educational Administration in August, 1982.  With an offer to be an Assistant Professor of Administration on the campus of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, we moved to Colorado Springs.  I transfered to the Colorado Springs World Savings and Loan branch.  Soon after the move, Lynn Shook was promoted to the central office operation of World Savings and Loan in Denver, CO.  She offered me a position as an assistant under her direction.
Of course I happily accepted the position.  The challenge was the daily commutes to Denver and back to Colorado Springs each day.  However, to the banking and financial experience I acquired through my work at the central office was simply invaluable.
In 1983, Gary received a call from the Superintendent of the Lewiston, ID School District.  The superintendent had learned of Gary's research and background in assessment, program design, and human resources management and wanted Gary to fly to Lewiston for an interview.  He had an administrative opening at the district level that matched Gary's qualifications.  Needless to say, all went well during the interview phase and so the rest is history.  Gary was Lewiston's first Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.
Jon went with his father to Idaho.  I continued working for the time being at the central office in Denver and my parents, Forrest and Bessie Stock (who were now living in Denver) took care of Kristin.  The big challenge was getting our home sold and arranging for a moving van to pack and move our furniture and belongings to Lewiston.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature proved to be a problem because I experienced some very wintery blizzard-like conditions prior to the move to the Inland Northwest.  Just prior to Christmas, 1983, I flew with Kristin and my folks to join Gary and Jon at Lewiston.  It was wonderful to be back together as a family.
At Lewiston, I was first employed with Shearson American Express and I gained considerable knowledge and experience with investments in stocks and bonds.  The financial knowledge I gained certainly complemented my banking experience.  Unfortunately, Shearson closed its office at Lewiston and I chose not to move to Spokane, WA.  I was offered a position with First Federal Savings which later became First Bank Northwest, and then, was sold to Sterling Bank.  My learning curve was great at this time since I was learning about the steps involved in transfer of ownership of financial institutions as well investment strategies related to initial public offerings (IPO).
In 1990, Gary was recruited by the Dean of the College of Education and the Department Chair for Educational Administration, University of Idaho.  He was offered a graduate-level position to teach school administration courses and serve as a major professor for doctoral students.  He accepted the position with an academic rank of Associate Professor of Educational Administration.  Gary commuted to Moscow for classes and advising but we continued to live at Lewiston.  Both Jon and Kristin graduated from Lewiston High School.
After high school graduation, Jon attended the University of Nebraska, participated in the Cornhusker Marching Band, and graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree.  He is married and has three children--one boy and two girls.  They are triplets!!  Jenz (who is named after his great,great grandfather Jens Peter Mikkelsen), Jullissa, and Jillian will enter 7th grade this fall.  We also have two special grandchildren from a previous marriage--Rachel and Cody. Jon is the pharmacy manager at Costco here in the Lewiston-Clarkston valley.
Kristin graduated from the University of Idaho at Moscow with a degree in Recreation Management.  She is a single parent mom with two children--one son and one daughter.  Britta will be in 6th grade this fall and Forrest (named after his great grandfather) will be in 2nd grade.  Kristin is in sales and marketing and works for the Lewiston Morning Tribune Newspaper.
In May 2005, Gary was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of Education Administration by the University of Idaho President and the Idaho State Board of Education.  He retains office rights in the College of Education, receives a free parking space on campus, and continues to maintain research and publication status with the university.  With 30 years of experience in the education profession, he is now retired due to lower back issues that resulted from a serious car accident and injuries from his football days.
In March 2012, I fell and broke the femur bone in my upper leg.  Surgery was initiated to attach a titanium rod to my hip and knee.  Then, on July 5th, 2012, I once again fell--or blacked out.  The result was I broke the other femur bone.  So, again, I had surgery to attach a titanium rod to the other hip and knee.  I should have fun going through airport security when we fly back to the class reunion.
After a career of 42 years in banking and finance, I obviously realized that with two broken legs, it might be time to "step back and smell the roses."  So, on July 30th, 2012 I joined Gary in retirement.  Now I focus my time on physical exercise to get both legs functioning properly.  Also, I enjoy my time with family members, doing volunteer projects, being active in my P.E.O. Chapter, and taking on a leadership role as a member of Kiwanis International.
In closing, I want to thank you, Richard, for putting together such an excellent website for the KHS Class of 1963.  It is wonderful!!  And, certainly, the 50th anniversary of our class is truly a warm-up for Gary and me.  On June 7th, 2014, we will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.
See you soon,
Judy (Stock) Delka
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Clyde (Denny) Dennis
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January 23, 1945 Tallahassee Fl U.S. 32309 Sr. Design Engineer Married 2

It was a big step to leave my hometown of Kearney 24 years ago, when Rockwell International closed. I began my career with a turbine blade manufacturing company as a Sr. Design Engineer.  Retirement is looking better each day! Have a secondary business designing innovative scuba gear and more. Enjoy golfing all year around, but that does not seem to improve my game much!  Keep my senses sharp by doing fix-up around the house in-between traveling with Gypsy, our kids, and grandchildren.  So far the listed favorite is Carma DelPlaya, Mexico.  There's a great golf course at the resort, plus attempting to score less than our son Brett, and his 20 year old son Mario, is a challenge!  Vikki, our daughter and our two grandchildren, Emma (9)and Liam (2), live just around the corner. Planning a family reunion at Branson this summer, and Kearney will be on my list of attractions, too. YES, life has been good to me! 

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