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Deette M. Hueske
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August 27, 1945 Laughlin NV US 89029 Retired Divorced

I am now living in Laughlin, Nevada as of February 2011.  After graduating from KHS in '63 mother and I moved to Holdrege, Nebraska.  I worked with mother in the Cosmetology School until 1969 when I decided to strike out on my own.

In 1969 I moved to Grand Island, Nebraska and worked in the Ordinance Plant (bomb factory) for a short time.  If anyone was ever down there, we made 500 and 750 pound bombs.  I was there only a few months as they were starting to shut down the facility.  That was where I got my initial entry to the world of Quality Assurance.

After returning to Holdrege in February of 1970 I started out at the Holdrege BD facility.  BD (Becton Dickinson) is a worldwide company in the pharmaceutical industry.  I worked for them over 40 years and retired from the Sandy,Utah plant in September of 2010.  During the 40+ years I worked in various departments, but always in a QA or QA related field.

My mother passed away in 2006, so it has just been the cat and I since then.  Along the way, I tried marriage.  But it didn't take long to realize I had buzzed around the flowers and landed on a dog turd.  I high tailed it out of there pretty fast and from then on decided the only way to fly is solo.  Before all you people that have been happily married for decades or found the love of your life the second or third time around get up in arms, I am not a hater of the Institution of Marriage.  Nor am I a man hater.  But, I am one of those people that is not meant to be married.

Same way with kids.  I decided early on I was not mother material.  So, I do not have children by choice.  Since one the the most important things to those of our era was to get married and have kids, I took the heat for that.  No matter.  My shoulders are wide and my posterior is calloused, so have at it.

Upon retirement in 2010 from Utah, I packed up my house, grabbed the cat and took off for Laughlin, Nevada.  I plan on staying here for quite some time.  Small town, nice weather year around, and plenty to do since
the casinos are here.  If I really get bored, I am only 90 miles south of Vegas.

If this sounds like me, me, me I guess it is.  That's all there is.  Guess it depends on how you look at it.  I am either very well adjusted, or very self centered.  Take your choice.

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Dale Jacobson
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Elkhorn NE US 68022 Environmental Engineer Divorced
Hello to the Class of 63. To those of you that have retired, my congratulations on investing wisely or living on less or both.
I left Kearney for NU in 1963 and left there 7 years later with a BS in Civil Engineering, an MS in Environmental Engineering and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Upon returning from the Army, I worked for three consulting firms in Omaha before starting my own firm (with a couple of partners) in 1989.  In 2010, we "merged" our firm into a larger firm.
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Mary Ann Keough (Jahn)
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Imperial NE US 69033-3024
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Dorene Jensen
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Gary Jensen
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Coatesville IN US 46121 Validation Engineer Single 1
Well, Bernie…here ya go! LOL
Growing up in Kearney, my parents had Kearney Hatchery and Poultry Farms. Many of you may recall that we had some acreage just west of the KSC campus and also a farm North and West of Kearney. In the summer many of the college professors and some high school teachers worked about 3 acres of land my parents had and grew some beautiful vegetables. Three of the most notable gardeners were Neal and Jean Gallant, and Dr. Fox at the college.
My major accomplishment growing up was to help my parents operate the business, and actually run the business (age 15 or 16) when then needed to be out of town. The time I could participate in sports or extracurricular activities was on an ‘as available’ basis. Other jobs woven around the work with my parents included detassling corn, working in a potato shed grading and loading 100 lb. bags of potatoes onto freight cars, working on a building crew putting up concrete forms, working on a highway construction crew putting in interstate highway, and working as a vertical turret lathe operator machining giant valve bodies to be used on the Alaska pipeline.
I enjoyed taking organ lessons for approximately 8 years and played for the Nebraska State Teachers Convention, Elks Club, and Tel-Star Motor Inn Restaurant on Sunday’s, and my sister’s wedding reception at age 14. Miss Ogle gave me one of her stares on a couple of occasions when I was late to first period Algebra because of an early morning organ lesson that ran over. I can’t remember what ever happened though…probably why I was not the sharpest pin in the cushion in that class! LOL
After graduating from KHS and attending KSC and NNC in Nampa, Idaho for a few semesters, I entered the Navy and spent 4 years in several different places, including 2 years being home-ported in Naples, Italy, and took the opportunity to travel all over Europe and Scandinavia, as well as hit many ports in the Mediterranean.
Upon return to the United States, the Navy tour was completed in Newport, RI, where I met and married my first wife. We had a baby girl that died at 2 days old. We moved to Nebraska after the Navy tour was completed and we again had the opportunity to have another child. In December, 1970, we had another baby girl and named her Kristi. When Kristi was 8 years old, her mother died. The task of the caring for Kristi was monumental at first because at the time I was attending school full time at Purdue University, working full time, and then added taking care of Kristi full time; all without having any family close by. The logistics of all that was incredible, but we both came through it well, and survived to tell the tale.
After working for King’s Food Host for a few years, I ended up in Indianapolis right before Kings went out of business. After Kings closed, I became a technical illustrator, tech writer & editor developing technical manuals and various logistics deliverables for manufacturing companies, Amtrak, American Trans Air airline, UPS, Allison Gas Turbine, the US Navy, Crane Naval Weapons Support Center, Naval Avionics, and other Department of Defense entities.
The past 15 years has been spent as a Validation Engineer consultant to medical device and pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, General Electric Healthcare, Zimmer Orthopedics, Stryker Orthopedics, Teleflex, Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, and Invacare to help them stay compliant with FDA regulations.
My present goal involves being a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for neglected and abused children to represent them in court and help ensure they are placed in a stable environment.
I still have a farm together with my sister in Kearney that is leased out. I occasionally return to take care of farm business and visit relatives.
I’m looking forward to our 50th Kearney High School Reunion, and I plan on attending the 75th! LOL.
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Loretta Jensen
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Ron Jiede
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December 30, 1945 Georgetown Texas USA 78628-1159 Retired - Energy Industry Executive Single 2
Greetings to all my great friends in the KHS Class of 1963!  And "thanks" to Richard for the marvelous job he has done with this website!!!

After graduating from KHS, I attended Kearney State College (now UNK) and graduated in 1967 with a major in Business Education and minor in Business Administration.  I played on the KSC baseball team and during my senior year pitched a no-hitter at Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha that got us to the 8-team National finals.

Upon graduation, I taught/coached (basketball & baseball) at Omaha South High School for 6 years.  After receiving my Masters in Educational Administration, I assumed several roles in the Omaha Public Schools Central Administration - first, as Project Coordinator, Computer Center for 3 years; then, Human Resources Administrator for 1 year.  During that time I also completed all coursework towards a Doctorate in Educational Administration.

After those 10 years, I entered the corporate world working for Northern Natural Gas (which ultimately became InterNorth, HNG/InterNorth, then Enron).  Management positions I held included: Director, Human Resources (5 regional HR offices and 3,100 employees); Director, Market Planning (business development, rate cases before Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - FERC - in Washington, D.C.; Director, Gas Sales: Director, Gas Supply; Director, Gathering Systems Divestiture; and negotiations to eliminate $50 million in litigation against the Company.  My last position at Enron was Director, Products Pipeline Business Development.  After 6 months, I was informed that the Products Pipeline Division was being divested and my main responsibility was to help spear-head the divestiture.

What at first seemed to be a horrifying experience - since I did not know if I would have a job in the new organization - ultimately turned out to be a God-sent blessing!  Products Pipeline was divested and became a new organization called Kinder Morgan.  We were divested from Enron before its collapse! Again, "thank you" God!

In early 1997, Kinder Morgan started with 20 office employees and 130 field employees and $350 million market capitalization.  At my retirement in May, 2008, Kinder Morgan, Inc. had 8,500 employees in 45 states and Canada and $40 billion in market capitalization.  During my career at Kinder Morgan, management positions held included:  Director, Products Pipelines, Vice President Terminal Marketing, and Vice President Compensation & Benefits.

The kid from small town Kearney, Nebraska had a fun, fun ride during his 31 years in the energy business.  Many challenging, yet rewarding experiences, lots of friends, and memories to last a life-time.

My two grown children, Tom and Kim, live in Dallas and Omaha respectively.  Tom and his wife Valerie have blessed me with a grand-daughter and grand-son.  Kim and her husband Jason have blessed me with a grandson and two identical twin girls.  Tom and Kim (and spouses) are marvelous parents and outstanding career professionals!

In retirement, I play golf (am on Berry Creek Country Club Board of Governors), walk/jog, serve in numerous church leadership roles, and like to travel.  I travel to Nebraska frequently to visit mom (lives in Kearney at age 92, drives, and owns her own home) and to attend Nebraska football and basketball games.

I promise to have an "adult beverage" ready for anyone who wishes to visit Georgetown, Texas in the hill country (or anywhere for that matter).  I'm just a phone call or email away.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our 50th Class Reunion (can you believe it's been that long?) in 2013!

In the meantime, God's Richest Blessings to you and your families!!!!
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Carol K. Glover (Johnson)
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Colorado Springs CO US 80908-4318
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Judy C. Potter (Johnson)
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Arnold NE US 69120-4137
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Karen Lockwood (Johnson)
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Fremont NE US 68025
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